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Mimi TV: Negative Waste Fashion

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What do they say…Haste makes waste or waste makes haste? Well, today… waste makes fashion. Check out these recycled duds that are for both comfort and the climate change minded. Tonle uses scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers and creates handmade clothing and accessories signed by their Cambodian makers. Mimi Faust TV “Mimi TV” […]

Mimi Rocks a New Look

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Mimi Faust of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta debuted a brand new look over the weekend but it looks like she’s sticking to her status quo in men. Rocking a much lighter doo paired with an attention grabbing red jumper, Mimi looked happy and healthy as she arrived to celebrate T.I.’s birthday Saturday night with […]

Mimi featured in Madam Enoire

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When fans first tuned in to “Love & Hip Hop” at the start of the season, most came to a few conclusions: 1. Peter Gunz must be New York’s version of Stevie J. 2. This would, of course, make Tara LHHNY’s MiMi. 3. And Amina would be assuming the role of Joseline. The insane love […]

Mimi Keep’s it Clean

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“When you are ready to be done with that situation, is when you will leave it alone…period.” ~Mimi Faust, on kickin’ Stevie J to the curb HSK Exclusive – She may have invested 15-years into her failed relationship with Stevie J, but Mimi Faust has put in about as much time into the successful business […]