FASHION TIMES : Part 2 Hair & Makeup Secrets.

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 “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: MiMi Faust’s Hair & Makeup Beauty Secrets Part 2”

By: Kim West

August 12, 2015




What goes into reality star, MiMi Faust’s flawless appearance? We go the chance to ask the beauty mogul herself! Check out what MiMi had to tell us.


MiMi, what is your skin care regimen? How do you ensure that your skin stays clear underneath the on-camera heavy makeup?

My skin care regimen is to always wash my face very thoroughly at night. I moisturize day and night and while I’m at home, I keep my hair off of my face because of the oils and dirt. I ensure that my skin stays smooth by following this regimen.



How do you ensure your hair stays healthy with all of the styling that goes on for TV?

I wear a U-part wig to prevent my hair from being damaged. I take the wig off and wash my real hair at least once a week. I also let my hair breathe on my off days.Wen is my favorite line of products, specifically the sudsless shampoo!



What are some of the beauty secrets you swear by? How did you learn these tips and tricks?

 I use Crest Whitestrips ($35), an orange under-eye concealer, Preparation-H for under-eyes bags and Milk of Magnesia to stop unwanted shine. I learned these tips and tricks by watching what the pros use on set.



What makes your line of wigs and extensions unique? What inspired you to create this line?

 What makes my line unique is my product is raw, ‘pure’ hair. I have bought hair from a specific source for quite a while and not only did I love it, but they loved me apparently. So we started to do some collaborations together. It’s pure, virgin, raw Indian hair and my favorite Indian name was always Maya, so I decided to call it The Maya Collection.

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What is your daily routine like as a mom when it comes to getting your hair and makeup ready?

 Off camera, I do it all myself. I wear minimal makeup and wear my hair down with no heat. I just brush and go!

Any hair and makeup tips for busy, working moms?

Less is more!


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